Cardboard Playhouse – Great Creative Toy For Kids

For me, The Cardboard Playhouse is without doubt the best toy for the money. I was not convinced at first, but when it saved our walls from being painted on, I started to see the light. But that’s only a grownup’s view of the toy. Our daughter’s view was different – for her, the Cardboard House meant hundreds of hours of delight – she was plying in her “own” house, being able to arrange it any way she wanted, and being able to paint it inside and out any way she wanted – parents not only did not object, but actively participated in the painting, making it family fun.
The Cardboard Kids Coloring Playhouse is also great for birthday parties, sleepovers, classroom activities or the perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays. Children can color their way to fun with free markers included into the set. My Very Own House

My Very Own House

Just a short list of benefits that I have noticed:
1. The House has saved our walls from child’s creativity – we only had 2 places (small) painted by our daughter since we got the Cardboard House – and it’s been more than a year since we got her the house.

2. She loves to arrange furniture and toys inside “her” house – things get changed and rearranged all the time. We don’t interfere, since it’s “her” house, and from outside, you can’t tell if it’s neatly organized or messy inside.
But the real room, where the house stands, looks great.

3. She spends hours every week playing inside the house – and has been doing it for more than a year now. Often one of us gets invited, but more often than not, she plays by herself.

4. She also spends hours every week painting the house – both inside and out. Recently the painting activity dropped off a bit – mostly because there is very little space left to paint – except for the roof – and we have to hold her up to paint the roof – pretty much everything else has already been painted.

5. Mail delivery to “her” house is an important event. Almost every day one of us sits outside “her” house, and gets to pass real letters (junk mail finally has some use) through the little mail slot next to one of the doors of “her” house. She delights in passing them right back to us – through the same mail slot.

6. Made in the USA – no sharp corners, easy to fold and unfold, though in our house it gets so much play, we almost never fold it.

In addition, whenever someone visited, she was able to proudly display results of her painting and drawing activities. Not only that, but she could invite both children and grownups to visit in “her” house. The Cardboard House is big enough to fit one grownup and one child very comfortably. Two average size grownups and two children need to get pretty close, but still can fit in. This is pretty amazing considering it’s a child’s toy. Additionally, the CardboardHouse has two doors and four windows, which are not only great for playing (our daughter has been known to climb in and out of “her” house through the two bigger windows), but the windows become really important when two grownups and two children are inside – you want to keep all windows and doors open, or it will get hot in there pretty fast.

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As I said, at first I though that this house, made of cardboard, was pretty pricy – I mean, it is cardboard. But if you consider how much fun it has been, how many hundreds of hours, probably close to a thousand, that we spent playing with, in, and around the house. And that we credit it with keeping our real house walls pretty much free of child’s art, the value of this toy is simply amazing. As a parent, I give it my highest recommendation. Buy one, you will not be disappointed.

BTW: I took my own advice and bought a second one for the backyard – when neighborhood kids come to visit, they all play in and around the new backyard house, they also paint all kinds of things on it. It’s been a hit with both girls and boys. And parents too, since the house has no sharp edges, and it is made in the USA – after tens of millions of toys made in China recalled for health and safety reasons, we do worry about toys made in the Third World. This one is made in the USA which makes us feel even better about it – safety matters, and it’s nice to know that our money supports jobs in the US, not somewhere else. Great toy all around, and as I said before – it gets my highest recommendation.


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